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Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre

Hours of Operation:
May and September 10:00am - 9:00pm
June - August 9:00am - 10:00pm
Head Pro: Jamie Grieve USPTA Pro 1


Rules of Tennis

If you're new to tennis, there are a few things you need to learn before you can step on the court.

 Below are a few links to help you understand tennis better along with a quick summary of how to play tennis

Youtube Instructional Video

 Tennis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

 OTA Code of Conduct

 Tennis Canada Rules of the Court


Points in tennis are won when an opponent fails to return the ball, double faults, hits the ball into the net or smacks it out of bounds. Players start at zero (also known as love). The first point gives a player a score of 15. A second point moves their score to 30 and a third point makes it 40. A game is won once a fourth point is scored and the player has a two-point advantage over their opponent.

Continuous Play:

Tennis play lasts until the match itself ends. Only 20 seconds can elapse between points and 90-second intervals are allowed between games to permit players time to switch sides on the court.


Each player takes turns serving the ball and service switches from one player to another after each game. A player is required to stand behind the baseline when serving the ball. A serve begins when a player tosses the ball into the air and hits it diagonally across the net to the other player.


If the ball does not cross the net or land inside the boundaries of the service box on a serve, this is what is called a fault. Two consecutive faults mean a lost point for the server. A fault can also result if a player crosses the baseline while serving the ball.

Winning the match:

A tennis match is divided into games and sets. In both men's and women's tennis, a player wins a set after winning six games. A player is required to win by two games, though, and a one game-margin will force a tiebreaker that must be decided by a two-game margin. Men's matches play to decide best three out of five sets, while women's matches decide best two out of three.