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Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre

Hours of Operation:
May and September 10:00am - 9:00pm
June - August 9:00am - 10:00pm
Head Pro: Jamie Grieve USPTA Pro 1


TBCTC Tournament Rules

 1.  Start time for matches are as posted and will be called at that time.  If an individual is late and therefore not able to play when their match is called, he or she will be penalized 1 game for every five minutes they are late.  This will continue up to 20 minutes after which time the individual will be defaulted.  Their opponent then has the choice to serve or receive.  Please note a player should be ready to play as early as 9:00 am.  The Tennis Centre will be open at 8:45 am for scheduled tournament dates.

 2.  Code of conduct.

  • 1st code violation is a warning
  • 2nd code violation is a point penalty
  • 3rd code violation is a match default
    • Note:  Anyone defaulted from a match will also be defaulted from any other draw in which they are entered. There is a zero tolerance policy for any profanity and racquet throwing.

 3.  Winners are to return to the Clubhouse with the used balls and report their score.

 4.  Conflicts will be taken into consideration at the time the draws are made up. If due to rain or other circumstances beyond our control (long matches etc), the player must be ready to play when his or her match time is called.